The Blaitholm Affair is a story that goes on forever,

told one tale, artwork, and song at a time.

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Want to join the affair?

We are seeking artists, musicians, and writers interested in bringing The Blaitholm Affair to life.

The Blaitholm Affair is a shared fantasy world. Its past, present, and future are forged from the characters, songs, tales, and art we create.  

Whatever the scale of your contribution, once you have brought that element of Blaitholm to life, it will become creative material that our other contributors can respond to and build on. We welcome new approaches to narrative and artistic forms and are open to all kinds of collaborations.

Before you request an Invitation to Contribute below, please:

  1. Read our Press release for more details on how the project works!
  2. Check out our Wiki page, which includes many more details about Blaitholm.

If you are excited about this world and think you would be a good fit to help bring it to life, please email us at info [at]

Our contribution form will be coming soon. Stay tuned!